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Teijin’s Waterproof Paper Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

WA18 topo map 1971 268x300 Teijins Waterproof Paper Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles
Topo Map on TyVek Waterproof Material

There’s always another use for recycled materials, Teijin’s new waterproof paper is made of recycled plastic bottles and can be put in a standard laser printer.

We’re likely familiar with waterproof papers, and while they’re useful to a certain point, they require special handling and printing techniques. I have trail maps and guidebooks made of TyVek and film papers, which are waterproof and nearly impossible to rip, but I can’t write on them very well.

The very properties of the material make it nearly impervious to ink and graphite. Teijin’s new waterproof paper is made of recycled plastic bottles, but not as a film. Instead, the new paper is made in the wetlaid nonwoven manner of typical pulp-based papers.

Because of the manufacturing process used, Teijin’s waterproof paper can be used in a typical laser printer and can even be used with pen and pencil. The new paper could be used in outdoor products, such as trail maps, surveyor’s notebooks, trail diaries.

Disaster relief hazard maps and guides could be quickly printed and distributed with minimal chance of water damage. This is a great use of recycled plastic bottles, but I wonder if recycling the paper might present a difficulty.

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