10 Ideas to Generate Green Energy

We keep publishing stories on how to generate renewable energy, which tell us about investments worth millions.

Scientific research, energy companies as well as governmental institutions come up with great solutions at very large scales. Of course, the materializing of all these projects and discussions might take a while, so let’s look into some interesting ways to generate energy until the ‘big’ guys make their decisions.

1. Cars

Opposite to common beliefs, keeping more cars on the road could not be such a bad idea as it currently is. Driving them on metal plates that move piezoelectric devices could generate energy, and if these vehicles are electric it will make the picture even more perfect.


2. Used up tea leaves

This idea comes from the Pakistani National Centre of Physics and it was introduced by Dr Syed Hussain. Their research team found a nano-catalyst that can be used to produce biodiesel from used tea. If this reaches the commercial market, it could be a great way to produce alternative energy.


3. Methane from farm animals

If the methane produced by farm animals from their manure is collected, it could represent 100 billion kWh of electricity per year. Something to think about.



4.Fruits and Vegetables

Is there such thing as a food battery? Not yet, but we are definitely heading in the right direction. Generating a current using potatoes, a couple of electrodes and some basic knowledge of physics, might just be what the world needs.



5. Raindrops

In theory, it is very simple. We only have to spread piezoelectric sensors over a big surface and let them convert the impact into electricity.



6. Hydroelectricity at home

Flush the toilet, turn the tap, connect to a turbine and voila, you can charge your battery.





7. Trees

A while ago, MagCap Engineering reported that they could produce an electric current directly from the trees. If this is really possible, why not have street lightning powered by urban trees?


8. Make the tiles ‘special’

An idea from Japan, as expected. Piezoelectric tiles are already being used to generate electricity. Subways, airports, malls, all these places are crossed by millions of people a day. And only by walking, they already have the needed ‘power’.


9. Beer and wine

Can we make biofuel from beer waste? Of course, and brewers in Germany and California are already doing it. The French and the Italian, on the other hand, are making ethanol from surplus wine. Now we only need to define ‘surplus’.



10. Kinetic energy harvesting

Now what can we do? The answer is- all of the above and a lot more! Piezoelectric sensors on the terrace to capture rain energy, or in the office or at home to energize our footsteps? Place hydropower turbines in the bathroom  They could line our office floors and sidewalks, energizing our footsteps. Let’s implement all these ideas and start living “green.”

Via: Smashinglists, Ecosalon

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