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10 Cool Green Energy Innovations Around the World


From wind-powered vehicles to solar rubbish dumps, here’s a short selection of the world’s most innovative places where green energy has been put to work, around the world. Enjoy.

#1. Kenya and Ethiopa. Utilizing PV solar powered mini-refrigerator mounted on camels in used to carry vaccines & medicine to remote area in deserts.
# 2. Taiwan. Toyo Ito’s stadium design has a 14,155 sq metre solar roof that is able to provide enough energy to power the stadium’s 3,300 lights and two jumbo vision screens. Photo: Inhabitat.com
#3. Germany. Although electric cars and PHEVs are still leading innovations on the “green energy” market, a team of German students from Stuttgard University has already moved on to the next best thing: wind-powered vehicles. The so-called “Ventomobile”, a three-wheeled “car” with a 2 meter diameter two-bladed rotor mounted on top.
#4. England. British artist Luke Jerram’s latest project inspired by science, unveiled at the Bristol and Bath Science Park, is the world’s largest solar chandelier. It is 16.5-foot-tall and it is made of 665 glass bulbs that spin when exposed to light.
#5. Spain. CiclaLabs’ Pedal-Powered Mobile Entertainment System was presented at the European Solar Decathlon. Using  pedal-power the music will keep playing while the crowd burns those extra calories. The setup was first shown at a mobile entertainment center at the Villa Solar in Madrid.Via: Inhabitat , Green cleaning ideas
#6. Sahara Desert. If as little as 0.3% of the Saharan Desert was used for a concentrating solar plant, the whole of Europe would be powered by solar energy. Architect and technologist Otto Ng has designed the so-called “Powerscape”, which is a a large solar canopy capable of generating energy while serving as a functioning habitat.
#7. Spain. The 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe brought together 19 teams of students from around the world to present impressive solar-powered homes in the heart of Madrid. Eco-technology and green building strategies are all combined to create the world’s most efficient sun-powered house.
#8. India. High speed jet streams generate energy to run the above-ground windmil. It is a barely known fact that earth is surrounded with high-speed jet streams in high altitudes. They flows with a speed of 200mph at 30000 ft. The Indo-American company ‘Skymill energy’, tries to use that energy with the help of aerial vehicle. They are working on creating helicopter- like design to harness this energy and have already developed a prototype that is undergoing test in India
#9. United States. Everyone has seen at least once the large land areas designated for throwing dumps. Huge amounts of organic wastes are piled there and can easily be used to generate methane by microbial degradation. An American company has come up with a solution to cover a dump-side with solar cell based films. If both processes are combined, solar energy as well as methane can be utilized.
#10. Colombia. The Colombian landscape architectural studio – Paisajes Emergentes thinks of kites, they imagine energy. An initiative called ‘Land Art Generator Initiative’ launched the concept of an energy-gathering kite farm.
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