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Japanese Hydrogen + Gasoline Car Prototype Unveiled


Converted Dual Fuel Hydrogen/Gasoline VehicleAccording to Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai World News, a private firm in Tokyo, Japan, has built an alternative fuel vehicle that runs on both hydrogen and gasoline.

They converted a standard gasoline-powered Suzuki car to run on either fuel. Upgrades included the addition of a hydrogen tank and injector, as well as a control module to switch between fuels.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, but is mostly locked up in water and other molecules. Pure hydrogen gas [H2] is highly explosive, which makes storage and delivery complicated, but its energy density makes it an excellent vehicle fuel. Burning H2 doesn’t release any carbon-dioxide [CO2] when burned, which doesn’t add any greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

The converted dual-fuel vehicle has an H2 range of about 90 miles and only uses the gasoline on hard acceleration. A true dual-fuel vehicle, it also has a combined H2 / gasoline range of about 300 miles, reducing CO2 emissions by 75%.

This conversion cost about $64,000, but the company is hoping to reduce conversion costs and put a dual-fuel vehicle into production in the next three years.

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