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Get $10,000 to Prove Climate Change is NOT Happening


10k-if-you-can-disprove-climate-changeDo you have an anti-climate change research going on, but struggling to find funding? Or maybe you have all the evidence to make people finally relax and stop worrying that their house will soon be under water as sea continues to rise. Well, now is your time to shine. For all the climate change skeptics around, Dr, Christopher Keating has a special treat- if you think climate change is not happening, then prove it, and he will give you $10,00 USD.

It is so easy to sit back and simply criticize the hard and solid work of others, even if you are one of the very limited few, who still live in their little bubble and think that ‘climate change‘ is just a selling point, and not the real thing.

But OK, I guess if you can prove it, then you must definitely be better than at least 90% of the climatologists around the world. And if so, then you will rightfully deserve to win the $10,000 Global Warming Skeptic Challenge. A tiny reminder, though- just because you are speaking louder than the others and attacking them personally, it does not mean you are right. There are no special criteria to be met here. All you need to do is to submit your scientific proof, and actually it does not even need to be your original work.

Since the announcement of the challenge on Keating’s blog, the number of people, who joined the discussion has hit the roof. As expected, of course, the prize is still up for grabs, and it is very likely that it will still remain there even after the complete melt-down of the glaciers. It is clear that the challenge was not set in order to give a platform to the poor unheard deniers to speak up, but rather it is there to make them open up their eyes and admit once and for all that they are wrong.

It is really hard to believe that people can be so ignorant sometimes. They prefer to argue endlessly their point, without evidence or proof, only so that they do not have to face the harsh reality.

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  1. What a load of junk I didn’t even read this article because of the title. We all know the name of global warming was changed to climate change for the simple reason that climate change has been happening for as long as the earth has existed. To deny climate change would be stupid and that isn’t the debate any way. We have lots and lots of data showing the carbon output of our current civilization but I have yet to see any studies that show how much carbon is sequestered or removed from the carbon cycle. Only when we can see the true output and the true sequestration rate can we determine that there is a imbalance that needs to be addressed. Almost everything on this planet living is carbon based. All living products that are used in manufacturing of something that lasts longer than the primary material would have in it’s natural state represents sequestered carbon. Now that is just counting the current materials that are currently in use and does not include all the sequestered carbon in our land fills etc,.

    Here is an example that you can do in a short time. Look up world lumber production, or timber harvesting. Note the amount of growth and the amount of harvest and then think about the products made from wood such as paper, textiles roof shingles etc, etc, Some thing doesn’t add up in the debate. Now that’s just wood products that doesn’t even consider the other products that represent sequestered carbon like cotton, or flax, or hemp, etc, etc,.

    Climate change is real. Can we control climate change by destroying ourselves? No not really. The world is an active planet, continents are still moving, the moon which is a climate control is slowly moving away from the earth. So if you want to remove carbon from the cycle just plant a tree in your back yard. Keep wearing that old pair of jeans and put a few T-shirts back for a rainy day. Destroying the economy and letting china dominate the world will do little to curb climate change as a matter of fact the less influence we have the more the rest of the world has and they don’t care about the planet they just want to improve their level of living.

    Climate change is not within the power of the current human race to control. The science is settled on this fact. We are not unified as a race on anything so why would anyone think climate change would unite us? Especially since all of the facts are not expressed and what is shown is not based upon facts.

    A half truth is still a lie.


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