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$150,000 Sportscar Runs on Water and Gasoline


Hydrogen is one of the most controversial subjects in the world of energy. It is especially linked to the subject of “free energy”, because breaking water apart into H2 and O by using a special electric frequency can generate great amounts of hydrogen, that if it’s burned out the system outputs more energy than it is fed with. Some call it “overunity”, others call it “capturing another form of energy” from the surrounding space (by using those frequencies to dissociate water), while other call it a hoax.

Ronn Motor Company has proven what thousands of amateur energy enthusiasts from around the world keep researching in their garages for years: that it can run a gasoline sportscar (Scorpion) on both hydrogen and gasoline, mixing them on a 30 to 40 percent ratio.

The hydrogen that Scorpio uses is generated on demand, liberating it from the dangers and worries of a hydrogen tank in the back. Instead, it has a tank full of water, good to be split into hydrogen and oxygen, and burned along with the gasoline. The car’s alternator produces the electricity that makes the electrolysis.

Ronn Motor has even made up a prototype that has been shown in Austin, TX. The hybrid gasoline-hydrogen is purchased from Hydrorunner, a company that does just that: car electrolysis systems. After burning the hydrogen, there is water coming down on the exhaust (which can also be recycled). Hydrorunner has proved that an engine running on both hydrogen and gasoline is about 40% more efficient.

Under the hood of the Scorpion is a 2009 Acura 3.5 Vtech motor with 280-horsepower stock, or 450-horsepower with a twin turbo option. The car has a 6-speed manual transmission.

Ronn Motor has orders to build 200 Scorpios this year eventually ramping up to 500, explained Ronn Maxwell, CEO. The image below represents a prototype of this innovative car:

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