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2013 Electric Ford Focus Price Drastically Slashed


Ford Focus electricAt the time the Ford Focus was introduced, it was widely expected that it would become one of the hottest electric cars on the market in terms of sales. Unfortunately, things haven’t gone as expected with rather uninspiring sales figures. It is arguable whether the mediocre sales were as a result of poor promotion or the competition with the now-cheaper Nissan Leaf.

That notwithstanding, Ford is ready to show how serious they are by cutting both purchasing and leasing prices for the Ford Focus Electric. Purchasing prices have been reduced by $2,000 while leasing prices have also been reduced by $10,750 for three-year leases, as stated by the Dearborn website.

Further, Ford stated that when bought using Ford Motor Credit, the Focus EV can be bought with a $2,000 discount and 1.9% financing. The Focus is also available for leasing for 36 months at an initial $930 and further $285 per month for 10,500 miles every year.

Then again, these price cuts are to be expected as it is predicted that electric vehicles would become less expensive as their performance increases in the near future. It is possible that that is the very reason for the low sales numbers, since consumers may be willing to wait for better-performing electric cars at more affordable prices.

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