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2013 Lincoln MKZ – The Most Fuel Efficient Luxury Car


2013 Lincoln MKZ HybridWhat does Lincoln stand for? Jim Farley, group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service, responds, “MKZ is our strongest proof yet on what the reinvented Lincoln stands for – beautiful vehicles with compelling and warm experiences that create a clear alternative in today’s increasingly competitive luxury marketplace.”

Further enhancing Lincoln’s luxury image is the US Environmental Protection Agency’s [EPA] latest announcement, certifying the 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid as the most fuel efficient luxury vehicle in the US. How does it compare to other vehicles in its segment?

With EPA estimated fuel economy at 45 mpg combined, the MKZ Hybrid is 5 mpg more efficient than the Lexus ES300h with 40 mpg combined, and even more efficient than the smaller Lexus CT200h at 42 mpg. Further down the fuel economy rankings, the Infiniti M35h at 29 mpg, and the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 at 28 mpg, don’t even compare with MKZ Hybrid’s new standard.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also does something that other vehicles in its class have failed to do, that is, be affordable. Starting at just $36,800, it beats out its other competitors by thousands. In comparison, the ES300h starts at $39,725, and the ActiveHybrid 3 and M35h are both over $50,000. The CT200h is slightly less expensive, but does so sacrificing interior space and fuel economy.

“The all-new MKZ Hybrid proves that thoughtful customers who prioritize fuel economy and reducing emissions do not need to compromise on luxury, driving quality or advanced technology,” Farley concluded.

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