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The Art of Big Style Pollution: 4,500-Horsepower Smoky Diesel "Freightliner" Truck Does 228 MPH


Some people may have gotten used to reading nice green inventions on our cleantech blog. This time, though, I’ll show anyone interested in pollution what some idle minds can invent in this direction. Meet the world’s first Freightliner powered by a 16-cylinder, 28.8 L diesel engine capable of no less than 4,500 horsepower!

Jeremy Clarkson should be satisfied seeing these images. Jeremy, if you read this, please reconsider many aspects of your attitude towards petrol power! Or hire me for a “green car” section of your show, I’d be glad to help!

Bugatti Veyron’s mighty 1000-ish horsepower engine is just a joke. It nevertheless beats the huge beast in speed, since this modified truck can “only” do 228 mph on salt.

However, even the mighty Veyron can’t beat the SMOKE this freakin’ freightliner outputs. One can even make jokes about the smoke it produces, it’s MONUMENTAL.What fuel efficiency does this truck have? 0.1 MPG or less?

How on earth can these square-minded people (no offense to anyone, it’s just my personal opinion) could have thought of building something this polluting. Have you ever seen Titanic, the movie? Well, they say it was as close to the original as possible, but I couldn’t see that much smoke coming out of the old boat, and, remember, it had 46,000 horsepower(!).

The Titanic is a bit far, though. Any F16, capable of much more power than these people’s freightliner, can outdo it in terms of eco-friendliness.

If any of those who thought about chills and thrills when they built the 4,500 hp-truck had thought replacing the diesel engine with one or two locomotive engines, the torque would have been much bigger and the sensation incomparable. And it would have been clean, too.

Ok, you may say it’s only a truck, only one prototype built, but please tell me how many people do you need to ride cars for matching that smoke output, or how much time a coal-fired power plant would need to burn coal to match its CO2 and particulate emissions? This truck simply shows the highest disrespect for the environment, for the people, plants, animals, atmosphere, money, you name it.

If you were patient enough to read all of my above ramblings, please, finally, watch the video that gave me chills. And show it to your kids, telling them “Not like this,” obsessively, until you make sure they got it.

[via 4tuning]

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