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London’s First Electric Bus Announced

London's First Electric Bus Announced
London’s First Electric Bus Announced

A special announcement was made at the Clean Bus Summit that will change, as of now, a good number of cities from around the world. This announcement was made by the mayor of London, Mayor Boris Johnson, in the first Clean Bus Summit to take place in London. He announced that London will have, not only its first purpose-built full electric double-decker bus, but in fact, the world’s. This is an important step in the process of making his city’s air just a little more breathable.

London was one of the 24 cities that set a goal, and committed to it, of getting little-to-no emission buses on their streets and motorways.Truthfully, though, the goal of going green for this UK Metropolis, is not a new one. Their efforts of changing the public transportation pollution issue has been going on for quite awhile now. In 2009, they had announced the adoption of hybrid buses, and since then, those buses have trickled their way onto the roads of London. At this present time, there is an impressive 1,300+ of these specialized buses attempting to make a difference in the air.

In conjunction with BYD, these buses have been made with enough batteries to power it and keep the emissions at an all time low. There is no telling, as of yet, how many of the all-new full electric buses will be coming to this eco-conscious city. In spite of this, we do know that the first one will be heading for London in October. When the rest of the cities, committed to this new bus initiative, will be receiving their buses, is unclear. However, this global effort should reach its desired plan of 40,000 eco-friendly all-electric buses by 2020.

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