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A Next-Generation Electric Power System to Be Built in Japan


Toshiba Corp aims that by the end of 2010 will build a next-generation electric power system in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. According to the company, the system will come with storage batteries to stabilize the supply electric energy by solar panels, wind turbines, etc.

The first test that will take place in autumn will be conducted by adding storage batteries (4MW, 200kW) and photovoltaic systems (3MW, 1MW) to existing facilities including five wind plants (900kW x 4, 600kW x 1), two thermal power plants (21,500kW, 40,000kW) and a gas turbine plant (15,000kW). Due to the fluctuations of the wind and photovoltaic plants’ outputs, the storage batteries will be used.

Toshiba wants to produce 3MW of photovoltaic electric energy by installing a solar power plant supplying 1MW at residences (400kW) and industrial plants (600kW). For the storage batteries, a 200kW lithium-ion battery will be used for the residences and a 4MW sodium-sulfur battery will be connected to the power grid. The company claims that a 8kW Li-Ion battery will power about 25 houses and a 4kW photovoltaic system will generate energy for 100 houses.

Toshiba’s Li-ion battery features a rapid charge-discharge cycle, using a lithium titanate negative electrode. Besides all of of these, the company will supply 12 power conditioners, having a rated output of 250kW for the 3MW solar power plant. For residences and industrial plants, power conditioners with rated outputs of 4KW and 10KW will be used.

[Source: TechOn]

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