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Magnetic Pendulum: A Free Energy Device Running for Three Years Now


This is another free energy device using magnets taken from PESWiki.com. The inventor is George Delk, who allegedly runs this device for three years now.

It is not free energy in the sense of perpetual motion, since the magnets eventually wear out, but it depends on how much you’re using their power. I don’t know if it’s a scam or not, but it looks interesting from the perspective of an energy generation freak like me. I like to be open-minded and think outside the box.

Watch the video below and tell us your opinion:

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  1. The only way to find out, is to attempt a GENUINE replication. The two ‘black’ round cross beams of the four wooden pillars, definitely look as if a stack of Ferrite ring magnets are threaded on a rod or brass bolt. When we have [N-S][N-S][N-S] gap [S-N][S-N][S-N] gap [N-S][N-S][N-S] ring magnets with say black card spacers in the gap, there will be very strong SOUTH and NORTH magnetic poles at those gaps. Incidentally directly adjacent to the black Disc Magnets, these are very probably ‘Whiteboard’ magnets with diametric poles only on one face. I suspect this mysterious black cross-beam is a “Magnetic Flux Stealer” . This may be why George Delk was forced to use thin steel piano wire, because slack string would be utterly useless. The two twin pole whiteboard magnets would just be stuck up in the air and would not be forced down….just in time to repel the pair of ‘twin pole on one face’ whiteboard magnets attached to the oscillating pendulum. One “AA” battery will keep a pendulum clock going all year, so the amount of energy needed is absolutely minimal.

  2. It’s driven by magnetic repulsion, when the hammer is all the way to the left, the magnet on the left hand side of the hammer repels the magnet just above, because both contact are moveable,the magnet on top left is pushed up while the hammer on the magnet is pushed down. Once the hammer has moved far enough so that the magnets repulsion begins to wear off, the top magnet begins to fall, falling back into range of repelling the magnet attached to the hammer, giving it enough of a push to send it back to the other side. Very good work and kudos to the inventer.
    It could easily generate electricity simply by placing an inductive coil near one of the magnet in motion. The moving magnet provides the fluctuating magnetic field in relation to the static coil

  3. What you can’t see is the coil under the wooden base!

    If there was no energy input to this device, it might still run for a long time, as it is not driving anything but the friction of its own bearings, which can certainly be very little. If the enclosure is filled with hydrogen, or better still, evacuated, friction will drop to close to zero – but I still don’t believe it would swing for three years.

    Hence, I can only conclude that there is trickery of some sort. Who does it belong to? – David Blaine?

    • the attraction of the magnetic pendulum hammer to the guillotine sheets at the bottom provides the kinetic energy to counter the energy lost due to friction at the top…

  4. Friction converts kinetic energy to heat, which is radiated or convected away. So what replaces the depleted kinetic energy? Well, unless you feed the device with SOME kind of energy, nothing replaces the depleted kinetic kinetic energy and the thing slows and eventually stops. Having spent some years as a magician and a lifetime as a skeptic, my answer is, the thing is a fake. You can easily find solar-powered magnetic pendulum designs similar to this on the web, and a well-designed pendulum requires very little power indeed to keep running. It would be simple to camouflage the solar cell(s). This machine is clanking away and clearly has too many moving parts, so I’d guess it may even be powered by a few concealed D-cells. Did you know they took “gullible” out of the dictionary? Now go look up “Occam’s razor.”

  5. Great article! That magnetic free energy device is really something. It’s too bad that more designs like it aren’t being developed for use as transportation or things like that. They could really give the oil companies a run for their money.

  6. Interesting…. Looks real to me, but is it possible to harvest such energy?? The magnetic force by itself is weak, so it would sound unreasonable to harvest it…. It might only be my opinion.


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