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A Solar Powered Boat – the perfect gift for a summer day


Would you like going on your nearest river or sea or ocean in a summer day? Would you like cruising all day powered only by a solar battery? Well, for 10,500$ you could. Hammacher Schlemmer has built a small solar powered boat for two.

Because the batteries hold up to a 6-hour charge, the boat can be used at night as well; for extended nighttime operation the batteries can be recharged from an outside source.

With its fiberglass hull and powder-coated aluminum superstructure that holds the solar panel, the boat is completely maintenance-free and 100% environmentally-friendly, and can navigate shallow waters, thanks to its 1-foot draught.

It includes specially-designed galvanized iron boat trailer. A Coast-Guard-approved life jacket should be worn at all times while aboard the boat.

Pretty good for a gift… a little expensive one, but still an idea.

I imagine it wouldn’t be so hard to make yourself one of these… an electric motor, a second-hand solar cell, some car batteries, and of course, a small boat. Just any boat would do the trick. Just for clean, green, silent fun.

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