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New Carbon Collecting Car – Really That Green?



Georgia Institute of Technology has created a concept of a car in a pretty new polluting fashion: it uses petrol as a fuel, but it separates hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The hydrogen is used in a fuel cell, and the CO2 is collected and recycled.

Now, I know my website’s name is “greenoptimistic.com”, but this one doesn’t seem like a perfect solution: WHY on Earth should we still use petrol and its derivatives when we have: wind power, solar power, free energy devices, and a lot of other moooo…ooore green alternatives? Why? It seems like this type of car is more of a compromise made between the US Government and the oil companies, like the Bush administration decided last year, in a meeting with them. Why make hydrogen out of petrol, when we have the good-old water to do that? Ok, the car is greener, but it doesn’t undo the harm done by now. It does further more. And that doesn’t justify the time and pollution spent to re-invent it. The CO2 has to go somewhere in the end. Where? Will they trash it out in space? Don’t think so.

Come on people… let’s be green optimistic, but not green naive! Instead make a car that really collects CO2, from the air! Make a plant-like car, and then we’ll be on an agreement. Don’t buy crap for your kids. Teach them green stuff, not compromises. That’s all we had by now.

[via ecofriend.org]

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