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Solio Hybrid Sun Charger – plug into the Sun


Solio has made a gadget that can power your small handheld devices, such as your PDA, cellphone, or your GPS when you travel. It’s made from three solar batteries backed up by a rechargeable battery. When you’re out of power and you have nowhere to plug in, just get out your Solio from your bag and “plug into the sun”. It’s “hybrid” because you can also charge your Solio into a wall power socket. Nice and interesting idea. Their prices range from $79.95 to $199.99, making it affordable. They can save you in a lot of situations. I can see them being cheaper in the near future. In fact, they’re not anything new, but they have succeeded in bringing their device onto the already crowded market. It’s not the first time this happens. Many inventions are kept in there and released only when someone invests trust and money in them.

After all, it’s all about economics… is our planet only depending on this?

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