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The Solar Table That Powers Your Laptop!


Sudia Design Labs, located in New York, has created a table that you can put out in the sun. What for? To charge it, of course! It has a big solar panel on top of it, is made 90% from recyclable materials and weights 20kg. You can charge your laptop, small appliances, etc. Its 64 Watt multicrystalline Solar Panel gives 156 Watts = 13 Ah at 12V of Battery Life. Pretty much for a table. You may charge it in as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight exposure.

It works even if you cover it partially, so you can drink your morning coffee and work on the laptop at the same time. Also, it has an inverter and an 120V outlet. You must take caution, it may be lethal, as any voltage outlet from your house, when fully charged. Imagine it can power your TV! Its Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries are strong enough to give you an electric shock! 🙂 Not to joke with.

As with any NiMH batteries, I think you have to deplete them before recharging, otherwise they’ll do the memory effect and will not charge fully with time. Anyway, the producer himself says you have to change those batteries once in a few years (my opinion is that they won’t last more then 2).

The price is high, 3600$. It would be cheaper if you bought the solar panels alone and made yourself a system charging your entire house. Still, if you have a bunch of money and want to be fancy and brag in front of your friends, then the solar table is the greatest stuff ever made. I have to admit I’d like one in my (future) garden.

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