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The AAA Helping Stranded EV Users With Mobile Chargers


The American Automobile Asociation (AAA) will launch a service allowing stranded electric vehicle users to recharge their electric cars from mobile units. The initiative comes after the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) has announced their diesel-powered roadside charger at the beginning of June.

Six regions will benefit the program at first, and their detailed locations will be revealed at the Plug-In 2011 Conference & Exposition in Raleigh, NC, from July 18 to 21.

Other similar associations such Australia’s Club Assist and Switzerland’s Nation-E have recently launched such rescue services.

The AAA is known in the U.S. as those guys who come and give some gas to those who forget to pull over for a refill. The Japanese used a diesel generator in their JAF vehicle, which is actually not too green.

I don’t think the AAA will do any better (although I hope I’m wrong), but it would be a nice idea to also use electric vehicles for that purpose.

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