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Toyota Developing Charging Station Regulator for EVs and PHEVs


Since launching the Prius in the 90’s, Toyota has kept innovating in this field, and now dreams of a world where there will be so many PHEVs and EVs that the existing electric grid, in the way it’s organized today, wouldn’t be enough.

For that purpose, Toyota revealed that they are currently developing a system which controls the vehicles’ charging time so that when power consumption exceeds the existing capacity of a charging spot, it optimizes it by reducing the supply for some of the vehicles connected and charging others at different timings.

The news that they are working on the system has been announced on January 30.

Taking the example of a 200V charging spot, about 3kW of electricity are needed for a charge. If four vehicles are connected at the same time, then a 10 kW charging station won’t be able to cope with the load and Toyota’s system will render itself useful.

Of course, the system will be connected to a datacenter, which will also help the process by coordinating the process of several stands in an area and the peak amount of electricity sent to them.

[via nikkei]

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