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Clara Lazen: The 10 Year-Old Who Discovered New Energy-Storing Molecule


Some of us wait to do something big all their life, but Clara Lazen succeeded at the age of only 10. During one of her chemistry lessons, the Kansas City student came up with a brand new molecule arrangement.

The discovery made the January headline in the prestigious “Computational and Theoretical Chemistry” journal, where Clara’s discovery has been published with her and her teacher, Kenneth Boehr, as co-authors.

With a remarkable instinct, Clara sensed that the “tetranitratoxycarbon” molecule that she had created was to follow a stability principle. So she made sure all the “holes” were completed and that the pieces “fit more together and they look better.”

The molecule, if synthesized, has many practical applications, because it can either store a great amount of energy or produce a high magnitude explosion. In this sense, Clara seems inclined to offer her finding to the military, in exchange for a fair sum of money.

The discovery has the blessing of chemistry professor Robert Zoellner from the Humboldt State University, who conducted most of the analysis work on the module and published the scientifically-written study.

[via Cleantechnica]

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