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Honda to Install Soltec Solar Panels at Japan Dealerships


Why would Honda, or any dealership for that matter, want to install solar power generation systems? Well, for one, to reduce carbon emissions. Or at least, that’s the plan behind the recent installation of a 9 kW system at the Adachi Odai Honda facility. The target for Japan is producing 1 MW of solar power before the end of March 2014.

So far, Honda’s efforts for Japan have begun a while ago and have materialized in a total of 3.3 MW, more than any other automaker’s. The company also installed monitor displays, allowing visitors to check out the up-to-date solar power generation at any Honda dealership location.

Honda is already thinking big and 2013 is pretty much mapped out from this point of view. The company is now projecting the installation of such a system at the new Yorii Plant: a 2.6 MW Honda Soltec system, the biggest any Japanese dealership has ever seen.

The advantage. Honda Soltec’s CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) thin-film solar cells don’t eat up that much energy when manufactured, but do produce more energy when out in the open, even if it’s morning, night or the sky is covered.

This is what made Honda choose this system over the classic silicon solar cells version. By installing this system, Honda hopes to spare the environment some 310 tons of carbon emissions each year.

[via Green Car Congress]

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