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Toshiba's New Cylindrical LED Bulbs Could Successfully Replace Incandescents and CFLs


Slowly but surely, LED lamps begin to replace standard incandescent light bulbs and even fluorescent ones (CFLs), once considered best at saving power. Toshiba just announced two cylindrical LED light bulbs (I prefer calling them “lighting devices,” rather than “bulbs”) that offer the same brightness of a 40W incandescent bulb.

The two LED devices will be able to glow in two color mores: daylight and incandescent, producing 600 and 485 lumens, respectively. The most important fact is that, although they’ll glow as much as a 40W bulb, their power consumption will only be 7.4 watts, which is an amazing step forward.

Toshiba hopes that the new LED light bulbs will replace D- and T-type cylindrical fluorescent light bulbs (the D-type has an exposed fluorescent tube, and the T-type has a covered fluorescent tube). D- and T-type fluorescent light bulbs are often used in devices requiring a compact lamp. In many cases, E26-base “normal” LED light bulbs cannot be used for them.

Several countries set their mind on banning incandescent light bulbs off the market, but having little success, CFLs can’t really be introduced right away. Price is another drawback for these economy lighting fixtures, but their long life span and the huge power savings that accumulate with time will speak for themselves, eventually, with or without the governments’ ban.

[via nikkei]

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  1. How much such a light bulb cost ?
    Maybe it’s not easy to banning incandescent light bulbs immediately ,But the replacer can’t be this kind of bulb ,because the first cost of this kind of light bulbs is too much !


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