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Toshiba’s eneGoon Backup Power Supply Made With SCiB Batteries


eneGood Home Backup Power SupplyAlready a world leader in Uninterruptible Power Supplies [UPS] for industrial and lab applications, Toshiba is combining technologies from different divisions to release a new whole-home backup power supply.

Essentially a rechargeable battery with special controls and sine-wave generators, the eneGoon has a capacity of 6.6 kWh, higher than most other systems, and a best-in-class power-output of 3.0 kVA.

The battery pack itself, the Super-Charge Ion Battery [SCiB], was developed by Toshiba. It recharges in much less time than typical Lithium-ion batteries, two to five hours depending on charge rate and state of charge.

The high capacity combined with quick charging times makes it easy to take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity rates to keep the unit fully charged. Should there be a loss in power, the eneGoon can provide about twelve hours of backup power to keep multiple appliances or equipment running.

Toshiba Lighting and Technology is going to launch the new product in November this year, and is hoping to sell about 12,000 units per year.

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