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ADAK Trailer – The Ultimate Off-Grid Camping Adventure


adaktrailersIf you are looking for a camping adventure, which is more than a couple of weeks long and away from muggles, then your best bet would be on a mobile, off-grid camper design. The market offers quite a number of these, but nothing is quite as complete as the new ADAK Trailer– here is why.

ADAK is a camper trailer, which contains everything that you might possibly need if you happen to be away from a camp site. Each feature that is incorporated in it has been carefully thought through by the developers, who are a group of outdoor lovers that happen to end up away from civilization more often than usual.

The guys tested everything, tents, pick-up campers, motorhomes, but there was always something missing, which prevented them from embracing their favourite hobbies to the full. So this is how ADAK, the fully functioning off-grid trailer, was born.

To begin with, the ADAK trailer has unique floor, walls and roof made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) laminated honeycomb, which make the trailer strong and rigid, and create the perfect insulation. All plumbing pipes and wires are placed inside the trailer structure, meaning that they are very well protected and do not affect the internal design.

On the inside, the space (116-sq ft (10.8 sq m), 6 ft 8 in (2 m) height) is optimized to contain two foldable sofa-beds, bench seating and central table that can be used both for dining and as an extra bed, a bathroom unit and even there is some space left for storage. The standard model also comes with electric bikes, LED lights.

The water system is pretty perfect too. It comprises of a 45 gallon (170l) fresh water tank, pressurized water system, and on-demand hot water. It is designed to resist any weather conditions, including very harsh winters. About the electricity, the actual generator does not come with the standard model, but there is an option to order it. What does come with the trailer, however, is the energy storage system comprised of dual six-volt deep-cycle flooded batteries. In addition, there is a 1000 watt inverter and five 120-volt outlets.

Regarding the price of this baby, all of the above can be purchased for $49,000 USD, but you can also purchase additional extras, including  furnace, air conditioner and a fridge. If you decide to go for a model that has everything there is on offer, then you should prepare $72,000.

It looks like a great investment, if you are one of those people that spends more time out in the open, than at their perfect home connected to the grid. I am not entirely sure about the slightly rough, hard-core internal and external design, but this is just a girly opinion.

Image (c) ADAK Trailer

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