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Air Pollution Amongst the Biggest Health Threats Worldwide


pollute.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smartSince the implementation of the Clean Air Act, the air quality over the US has improved significantly over the last few decades. Nevertheless, on a global scale, it is still a major health concern for a large part of the world.

Health professionals gathered together to produce a report that indicates 3.2 million premature deaths a year only from air pollution.

The numbers are especially high in polluted cities in Asia, where soot pollution causes the most damage.

The Lanset published the complete report, where it is stated that in this region, outdoor pollution is No. 4 health risk, just after smoking.

On a worldwide scale, air pollution is the 8th greatest factor behind premature death. Despite the numerous efforts that the U.S. Officials have put into air quality assessment, pollution is still a major treat.

According to NRDC, the finest soot is the real danger. The small particles enter the bloodstream from the lungs and increases mortality rates. In particular, diesel soot is of a particular concern, because it also contains carcinogen. Half of the premature deaths in big cities are due to it, especially considering that in the U.S., for instance, one in six people lives near a diesel pollution hotspot.

In addition, besides premature deaths, billions of people across the globe suffer the consequences from air pollution in one form or another. The numerous cases of asthma, respiratory illnesses, cancer and so on, are only one indicator that transition to cleaner energy and low-emission vehicles is more than needed.

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