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The TV presenter Jem Stansfield modified this small moped to function on compressed air stored in two high pressure carbon fiber tanks, like the ones that the firefighters use. The engine has been replaced by two rotary air engines. The two tanks can be fully charged in a matter of seconds from any air compressor. This compressed air bike can go about 8 miles, reach a speed of 18mph (about 30km/h).

The inventor says he could never travel big distances with it, but it surely is clean. Now if the compressor had a clean power source, that would be to the benefit of the environment, since I can imagine compressing the air is much more efficient and cleaner than burning the fuel locally in the motorbike’s engine.


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  1. this is great, i did a similar study on the same subject but it was hard for me to compress the air to more than 15 bars, also finding a good tank that take the pressure was also a problem, how do u manage to compress the tanks to hight pressure ? and where i can get such tanks, please respond to my e mail it is
    [email protected], i would really like to get some info exchange on this


  2. Add a battery to compress air? Bwahaha. So, you’d add the weight of a battery and compressor, and get an infinitesimal amount of extra range. Hmm… why not just make an electric bike to start with?

    I think I need to embrace evil and start preying on these people. If I don’t rip them off, someone else will. And it’s kinder than cannibalism.

  3. Need to Contac the Inventor of the compressed air bike ? Also an Expert to consult on Comprsed AIR how to Store Normal AIR at High Pressure in Cylinders etc
    Need the Address and Em address and tel contac of the Inventor .
    Richard Joseph Sane.

  4. I’m fairly certain you could extend the range of this moped by using a 12 volt battery to power a small on bike air compressor. My car tyre compressor weighs less than 1KG, and with a 12 volt car battery I know I can inflate 15 car tyres and probably more. Then you fit a braking regeneration circuit that can also help top up the battery and 25 miles would be easy.


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