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Smart AirVisual Node Shows How Polluted The Air Around You Is 


AirVisual NodeAirVisual Node, a smart and portable air quality monitor, developed by Airvisual, a China-based startup, can be a smarter solution to find the degrees of pollution around you.


Researchers say China air pollution kills 4000 people a day – Bloomberg

AIR pollution responsible for killing roughly five MILLION people around the world each year, a shock new study has warned – Express

Scary? but they are all true. Read on.

Kids Get ‘Smog Day’ As Pollution Shuts Down Chinese City:
Choking pollution measured at 40 times what the WHO says is safe – Time

Air pollution raises risk of death ‘for decades after exposure’: People exposed to pollutants five decades ago more likely to die in recent years – The Guardian

Hong Kong Smog is So Bad Tourists are Getting Their Picture Taken with a Clean Backdrop – Inhabitat

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Air business: Pollution-hit Chinese buying expensive British air – Indian Express

Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth had said that a modern Euro-6 diesel engine emits cleaner air than it sucks in a city like Delhi – The Economic times

Intense Cyclones Directly Caused by China Pollution – The Green Optimistic

Check out the video for many other shocking facts followed by a smart solution.

“At AirVisual, our goal is to empower everyone to breathe clean, healthy air,” Kelsey Duska, AirVisual Project Lead says Eco-Business. “We have always accepted the quality of the air around us without question, even though 1 out of 3 Americans are at risk of suffering from air pollution’s health effects,” says Duska. “This is partly because we’ve lacked the tools to control what we breathe—until now. With the AirVisual Node, we can instantly see invisible threats around us, which is a critical first step to breathing healthier air.”

aerial-connected-device-1020x610The device, which employs AirVisual’s global air pollution map, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things Technologies, takes precise measurements for areas as small as a single room and sends phone alerts. Each node contributes in analysing the pollution, its sources and trends by sending pollution information to an existing network of 8000 monitors.

In its little screen, it displays the levels of immediate particulate matter (PM) and Carbon diOxide present in the air you breathe. It also displays the outdoor air quality data, 3-day pollution forecasts, temperature, relative humidity, and local weather information on a 5-inch LED screen and via smartphone. The enterprise has also released an iPhone app recently.

Exposure to high air pollution during pregnancy increases asthma risk in babies – The Indian Express.

We know people in many parts of the world are still not taking pollution seriously. It is time we start caring about our healths and the health of our future generations. We must have amazing gadgets like Airvisual on our must-have list, especially the young Chinese moms would find them very useful to locate minimum polluted areas for their kids to play, because not every kid in China can afford to play under the bubble stadiums.

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