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Intense Cyclones Directly Caused by China Pollution


China pollutionChina is infamous for its staggering levels of air pollution. We’ve all seen the striking, and heartbreaking, photos of normal citizens strolling through parks or riding bikes while wearing surgical masks. It seemed like a different word… but what if it becomes the de facto for all countries.

China is fighting to contain environmental catastrophe from over 30 years of unregulated growth. Shockingly, of 74 Chinese cities monitored by the central government, 71 failed to meet air quality standards. Yep. That’s right. 71.

Scientists now believe that China’s massive air pollution might be responsible for the intensifying storms over the Pacific Ocean and the constantly changing weather patterns in North America.

A team from California, Texas, and Washington has determined that pollution from Asia, primarily China, is the direct cause of more intense cyclones, increased precipitation, and warm air pockets in the mid-Pacific. The findings, detailed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences posits that the rising pollution levels in Asia will only continue to spur erratic weather in the US.

The study used advanced computer models to evaluate interactions between airborne particulates and clouds.

The authors used advanced computer models to study interactions between clouds and fine airborne particles known as aerosols, particularly manmade ones such as those emitted from vehicles and coal-fired power plants.

China’s top leaders are quite aware of the extent of the problem, and for what may be the first time in recent history, China looks poised to enact major environmental protection laws – signaling, finally, that the environment is a priority after all.

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