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Al Jazeera America Reports on Climate Change More than Other Networks


aljazeeraOn August 21st, Al Jazeera America, a New York-based news channel, went live and began broadcasting in 48 million homes across the United States.

The network’s very first story about climate change had a duration of 30 minutes and focused on how human behavior and attitudes are contributing to the lack of action to address climate change.  The program even referred to “man-made global warming” and acknowledged the increasing frequency of extreme weather and rising sea levels.

Al Jazeera America’s 30 minutes of climate reporting represents nearly 50% of what was seen on all nightly new programs in 2012, including popular shows like Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett OutFront, and Hannity.

Al Jazeera America investigated public opinion on climate science and acknowledged and presented different opinions on climate policy. Some critics noted the network did not offer opposing viewpoints as a counterbalance. The station.

The reports focused on climate change impact and addressed how to mitigate the effects through political action. No politicians were interviewed, however, Klaus Jacob, Heidi Cullen, and Michael Mann, all climatologists, were interviewed.

Most notably, Al Jazeera America did not waver once in making clear that climate change is man-made. The 30 minute climate change program treated the issue as a fact and climatology and the science of global warming as a given.

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  1. And the power behind Al Jazeera America laugh over and over again when they promote “Climate change” and Man made global warming because they know that if the people beleive this load of crap that they will destroy themselves and they wont have to lift a finger. Wealthy nations industrial nations must pay less developed nations because of the carbon they produce? How does this reduce carbon? It’s not about reducing carbon it’s about deminishing world powers and raiseing new ones, it’s wealth redistribution on a global scale. Less developed countries who choose to live under dictators, over populate and are constantly at war within and without do not deserve to be made comfortable in their situation.


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