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An Idea to Naturally Harvest Algae for Biofuels By Using Stable Ocean Currents


Here’s an interesting idea to cultivate algae that could be transformed into biodiesel. The basic idea is that people should use the stable currents that exist in the Pacific ocean to carry algae from one point to another, time during which the algae should mature with the ocean’s support and some slowly-dissolving nutrients that should float along with them.

When the algae are fully grown up, they would reach a fixed station where they could be harvested and turned into biofuel, and the process could be repeated again and again.

If they would be put in circular stationary currents, the algae would only be released from the harvesting station into the stream flowing into one direction and then harvested when they arrive from the opposite one.

It’s an interested idea sent to me by Kaare Bi¬¶kgaard, to whom I’d like to thank. I don’t know if it’s going to ever be implemented, but it’s worth spreading – maybe it will provide some inspiration for someone… watch the video below.

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