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Aliens Have Gone Extinct… Because of Climate Change?


convo alienI am generally not a big fan of conspiracy theories. However, a piece published on IFL Science a few days ago caught my attention, as being equally amusing, convincing and yet so nicely representative for a huge part of currently ongoing scientific research that finds a connection between climate change and absolutely anything and everything.

So, if major international funding organizations accept any argument that puts the blame on climate change, why not believe that climate change killed all the aliens before we could meet them? Besides, there is truth in the things that David Waltham, the author of the piece, had to say.

To avoid spreading my skepticism around, I would stick to the facts and guide you through the process that links climate change and the fact that we have not yet encountered any creatures from another planet. As it stands, human kind has discovered numerous potentially suitable for living planets, with suns and atmosphere, yet none of them are being populated. In theory, and this has nothing to do with increase in greenhouse gas concentrations due to irresponsible use of resources, as the starts age, they become brighter and release much more heat, making the temperatures on the planets circling around them unbearable to cope with.

There is clearly a flaw here, especially since our planet has provided habitable conditions for more than 4 billion years, regardless of the fact that our sun is a lot stronger than it has been back then. If that theory was true, only looking at the past half-billion years for each there is an existing climate record, the increase in the sun’s temperature should have led to a rise in earth’s temperature by 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees F). And if we make an extrapolation for the 4 billion years, the temperature right about now should have been around 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees F). If you’re reading this, you most probably realize that this cannot be correct.

So what has happened? Well, it is not that only the Sun has evolved over the years, the Earth has too. Plants appeared on the surface, different volcanic activity was taking place continuously, etc. etc., and all these began to regulate the amount of energy that was reflected from Earth back to space. As a result, instead of warming, our planet experienced the exact opposite- cooling. Now you probably wonder how come this has happened on our planet, and not on any other planet in the universe. The answer is simple. Apparently, it all comes down to a set of many coincidences that happened here, and nowhere else.

So, to conclude, it all comes down to luck- we made it, while the poor aliens did not. Because of climate change.

Image (c) ESO


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