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American Electric Car Conversions Still Expensive


Hybrid Technologies, a company whose headquarters is in Las Vegas, has already begun to think about the next best business after the making of hybrid cars: converting old gasoline cars to electric ones! If the price of gasoline continues to rise as it does now, chances are that in a few years you won’t be able to afford commuting with your diesel or gasoline vehicle, but instead take a ride on your bike, or going by bus.

Li-Ion batteries are expensive these days; technologies have to be invented so they are made much more cheaply, and recharged much faster. Those technologies are on their way, and it’s only a matter of time until you’ll be able to charge a high capacity battery from your wall socket in just 10 minutes (of course, you’ll need BIG fuses in your electric panel to do that, but that’s not a problem). Additionally, EVs almost don’t need any maintenance at all (they’re light, they contain 10% of the parts a normal gasoline car has, etc).

So, as I was saying, a lot of companies will be born like mushrooms after the rain, and they will do electric cars conversions as cheaply as a few thousand dollars. Hybrid Technologies is one of those companies, they do a good job, but as gas2.0 says, “I see some issues with their business model”. I do see some serious issues with their business indeed, because they are too expensive.

For example: you own a Toyota Yaris, priced let’s say $14,000. If you want to buy a converted one, you’ll reach $39,000. The price is not high for the average millionaire, but for those who complain about gas prices, it’s very high. Why do something for the ones who can afford, when that thing is meant to save your precious money? They say you’ll cover the investment in about 7 years, knowing the rising of fuel prices.

Ok, but will you be wanting to drive your same old car 7 years from now, knowing that batteries are getting better each day, and prices are lowering as years pass? When you’ll cover the cost of your already old Yaris other much better cars will be on the market, with prices much better than $39,000.

Come on, the real price for converting a car to electric gets somewhere in between $3000 – $5000, even cheaper, if you’re smart. That may be a real life alternative to gasoline cars that even I could afford. If you’re a skilled mechanic and you have a friend who’s a good electrician, make a car conversion company! I guarantee it will work.

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  1. Although the above posters are correct, it is still expensive to do electric car conversions the pricing of the technologies involved will start to come down making it much more economical. Right now these conversions are more for people interested in getting off gasoline and have a lot of money to throw at it..


  2. Electric car conversions are horribly expensive and the idea that saving the typical $480 per year due to a dollar per gallon price increase make the conversion economics totally absurd – and you get a car that can’t go anywhere or do anything in the process. These people, like Toma Hanks, who spend over $90,000 and end up with a crappy Scion that is now more or less a neighborhood vehicle, shows just how desperate such public persons are to greenwash their images. Unfortunately, they now are seen as desperate phoneys.

  3. “…the real price for converting a car to electric gets somewhere in between $3000 – $5000, even cheaper, if you’re smart”

    That might buy you a motor. Now throw down another $20,000 for a decent battery and other necessities.

    That said, Hybrid Technologies is most likely a scam company.


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