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Russia’s First Hybrid Car, Yo-Mobil, Delayed – Again

Yo-Avto Yo-Mobil Russia's First Hybrid Vehicle Concept
Yo-Avto Yo-Mobil – Russia’s First Hybrid Vehicle Concept

Yo-Avto, the maker of the Yo-Mobil hasn’t sold a single unit. Russia’s first hybrid vehicle, and those who have pre-ordered theirs, will have to wait.

Here in the United States, mention hybrid and Prius immediately comes to mind. Actually, do this pretty much anywhere in the world, because Toyota Prius is the world’s best-selling hybrid vehicle, and this is the name that comes up most frequently. This is to be expected, since the Prius name is actually going on its sweet sixteen and has gained a few family members along the way.

Unfortunately, Russia has some catching up to do before it can release its very own hybrid vehicle. The Yo-Mobil was first shown to the buying public in 2011, and since then has over 200,000 customers. Yo-Avto, the maker of the Yo-Mobil, though, hasn’t sold a single one. Russia’s first hybrid vehicle, and those who have pre-ordered theirs, will have to wait.

This is not the first time that they’ve been told to wait though. Originally slated for a December 2012 release, production of the Yo-Mobil has been pushed back to 2014. Then, this past week, in an unfortunate turn of events, this date was pushed back further still, to the Fall of 2015.

Russia’s first hybrid vehicle, to be made available as a coupe, hatchback, and minivan, has a range of 250 miles and is rated at 67mpg. Additionally, it starts at just $10,000, which makes this fuel-efficient vehicle very accessible, if only they would actually produce it. Still, the number of pre-orders keeps growing!


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