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Americans Believe in Global Warming (Again)


Despite the influence of misleading media reports on global warming issue as fraud and exaggerated, the Americans are back to believing that it is actually happening and climate change it brings is afflicting people now.

In 2008, 71% of Americans, as shown in the graph below, were accepting the fact that global temperature rise is occurring. However, in the following year, this percentage suddenly decreased to 57%, and slowly increased in the succeeding years.

The sudden decline can be linked with how big news companies publicly and irresponsibly refute the existence of global warming and climate change.

Nevertheless, nature’s actions are taking effect to Americans, awakening them once again of what really is happening.

Due to extreme weather adversities people are experiencing, Americans can’t help but acknowledge the occurrence of global warming and the consequences of which. In fact, 40% of Americans believe that these events are already afflicting people and 54% believe that the global environment issues are caused by humans.

Hopefully, these acknowledgements will also make them act on the environmental issue and not just stop on its recognition.

[Via treehugger]

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