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Contrary to Popular Belief, 77% of Americans Worry About Climate Change


Americans have a reputation as cynical climate change deniers. Despite data that the arctic is melting, crops are dying in droves, and hurricanes are becoming larger, more frequent, and more destructive, US politicians are either afraid to discuss the controversial subject or try their best to debunk or outright deny the issue.

But not so fast… According to a survey from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, Americans actually do want to discuss and address climate change. At least 77% of Americans want to climate change to be a major priority. Of the 77% concerned citizens, 18% say it should be a ‘very high’ priority, 25% a ‘high’ priority, and 34% a ‘medium’ priority, and 23% said it should be a ‘low’ priority.

Contrary to popular belief, Americans are willing to make sacrifices in order to combat climate change, and the majority of Americans are even willing to pay more for electricity to address the escalating issue. Even if efforts to combat climate change have economic impacts, US citizens believe the country should address this issue and take immediate action.

Clean energy is also a major priority for the average American. 92% believe the US government should be taking renewable power seriously and working toward developing alternative sources of renewable energy.

Perhaps the latest data will work to debunk the myth that Americans in general are apathetic about climate change, and maybe, just maybe, US politicians will listen and begin to take measures to address this critical issue.

[via Treehugger]

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