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Angel Car Becomes World's First Mobile Charging Station


A Swiss company has found a new method to charge electric vehicles if they run out of power or when they are away from home. Called Angel Car, the company’s new mobile charging station is located inside the back of a van that can be driven anywhere electric cars need electricity.

“Even though the infrastructure for e-cars is only in its early development phase, governments have established targets for growth in an effort to introduce e-mobility as an alternative means of transportation in the upcoming decade,” according to a company statement.

The mobile charging system is the first of its type in the world and can be installed on a dedicated Angel Car unit or on any standard service car. The unit is equipped with an on-board 230V charger, being capable to provide energy for a standard EV in about 15 minutes with 2-3 kWh of power, giving them about 30km of additional autonomy.

For the beginning, the company has shown the Angel Car in Brussels but it is planning to install such systems in various cities from Europe.

[Source: Autoevolution]

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