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Elon Musk’s Master Plan for Sustainable Energy


master planRemember when Elon Musk devised a “Master Plan” for developing a feasible electric car?

Recognize how the company’s goals have changed since 2006 when Musk announced he would use proceeds from a low-volume electric car, only to sell a medium-volume car and eventually develop an affordable electric car.

Musk has always envisioned a car company that would cater to affordability as well as sustainable energy. He knows sustainability should be accessible to the general public, not just those who can dish out for expensive cars.

Musk wrote in his recent blog post, “That’s what “sustainable” means. It’s not some silly, hippy thing — it matters for everyone.”

Musk’s Master Plan has become complex by 2016, in a good way. Tesla and SolarCity are combining in order to merge skills and meet environmental goals fast. This way, a solar roof along with a battery product can be installed via phone app.

Musk also wants to increase electric vehicle production with the compact SUV Model 3, pickup trucks, “heavy-duty” trucks, and “high passenger-density urban transport.” The two last-mentioned vehicles are expected to be unveiled in the upcoming year.

Self-driving will become an integrated feature for Tesla vehicles, not necessarily for environmental reasons, but for safety benefits. When used as directed, the self-driving feature should decrease accidents. Although Tesla’s Autopilot has become controversial, after modification and approval, there really is no basis for the irrational fear that has plagued the news lately.

In the future, Musk expects that self-driving cars can be summoned via an app. While not in use, there are some economic benefits as well, in that buyers can expect income that will lower the cost of vehicle ownership.

This is a stunning promise that makes Tesla’s plan unique from conventional vehicles. Let’s hope that the ideal will become a reality.

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