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Elon Musk: $25,000 Electric Car From Tesla In the Next 3 Years


$25,000 Electric Car TeslaElon Musk, CEO of Tesla, gave an interesting video interview to well-known Youtuber Marques Brownlee. The most important part of an interview was admitting that the company plans to produce even more affordable vehicles, than “$35,000 Tesla Model 3”. He believes that they will develop a $25,000 electric car in a few years.

For a long time, Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated cars on the market. It has received an enormous amount of attention from everyone. The most attracting point was the combination of price with features available for this money. However, the “$35,000” model is available to be bought. According to Tesla’s ordering page, the least-expensive Tesla Model 3 you can currently order starts at around $50,000. A Dual Motor all-wheel-drive Model 3 starts at $54,000 and the Performance version of that car costs at least $64,000.

Elon believes that he can push the limits. He estimated that Tesla will be able to produce a $25,000 electric car in 3 years if the company works at its limits on further technical achievements and economies. It is a first-time Musk concretize the price point of further affordable Tesla, he has mentioned before.

Additional detail to be noticed is the fact the company switches its focus from the luxury vehicle to very affordable vehicles without changing the badge. Usually, companies either produce “cheaper” smaller cars that still have somewhat of a “luxury” price point, such as Mercedes Benz GLA or BMW Series 1.

However, $25,000 electric car is not Tesla’s current priority at the moment. The CEO made it clear that it is not a priority as they have Model Y, Tesla Pickup, Tesla Semi, and the next-generation Roadster to deliver over the next few years.

But those vehicles program should go to production somewhat faster as Musk said that they plan to bring to market more than one vehicle at a time for the first time.

Additional noteworthy details were revealed during an interview. Elon wants to use removable side-view mirrors for better aerodynamics.

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  1. A Tesla Sion solar PV-EV ? Please Elon !

    Time for Tesla to emulate the sub-$20,000 Sono Motors Sion PV-covered EV. In fact..hey Elon…why not take over or tie up with the company (Sono) – please ! It’d be perfect timing for something as freshly transformative, extra-green and affordable as this.
    (OK – the claimed sub-$20,000 Sion “PV EV” price doesn’t include batts)
    Please Elon – ditch the comparatively boring, mundane Model Y eSUV and give us two versions/sizes of this extra-disruptive, super-green SUV-like SION PV-EV. One compact version – the other with identical shape but SUV-sized(Kia Niro-sized?)…indeed the same size as that mundane Model Y was due to be.
    Both Tesla “Sions” covered in PV. Providing a free range-assist of 15-30 km per day.
    In fact Elon – why not also offer both Sion sizes as commercial vans(with rear side-windows replaced by more PV panels)?
    So FOUR vehicles in total. All 4 the same shape and look.
    Tesla’s only problem then would be that pre-orders globally would break all records: from San Francisco to Shanghai via Saudi Arabia(!) millions of would-be Tesla PV-EV owners would require Tesla to build 2-3 more Gigafactories in China, the US…(and on Mars some day !?)

    I’m deadly serious though – Sono Motors have a wonderful dream but lack the funding and proven mass-production track-record to inspire investor and consumer confidence. Will this small unknown startup – Sono – still be around two years from now ?
    Come on Elon !

    Why not “CAR-pe Diem” and take automotive+energy disruption to a whole new refreshing level – with the fusion of PV with EV – the perfect synthesis/fusion of Tesla’s and Solarcity’s green-tech and green missions.
    Again – the Tesla “Sion” in two sizes and two forms…all with identical shape: compact car, eSUV + windowless compact commercial van and SUV-sized van.
    All agreed ?
    (PS. Anyone here have Elon’s ear ?)

    Paul G


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