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Fuel Efficient Flights Revealed by New Expedia App


Screen_ShotIn recent years, there have been many innovations in the area of fuel efficiency in aviation, from the blended wing aircraft through to the turboprop. Airlines in general have more reasons to tap into greener aircraft and possibly idle-land planes due to the high prices on flying as well as the increasing cost of fuel.

However, can pressure from consumers add even greater incentive for the industry to try harder?

Back in 2007 it was noted that some Europeans were altering their flight habits and also avoiding the use of aircraft altogether due to reservations they had about climate change, and this even led to my posting a few tips on greener flying if it became unavoidable.

A new company in San Francisco, Calasi, is now hoping to help air travelers looking for greener options to make more knowledgeable choices, by creating an app that works in conjunction with Expedia to note which flights use up the lowest fuel and also emit less harmful substances.

The creators of the app stated that five variables are taken into consideration in order to calculate the fuel efficiency, that is, passenger load, aircraft fuel consumed, seat density, flight distances and freight share.

It seems, though, that the app is only at the beginning of its beta testing phase, though downloads can be made from their site presently.

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