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Timber Shoffice: An Office and Naturally Lit Garden Shed in London


Shoffice-PlatformIt seems the UK is fascinated by backyard offices and garden sheds, with the new Shoffice a typical example. Built by Platform 5 Architects, Shoffice is a combination of “shed” and “office”.

The London firm say that they were inspired when designing the place by how a wood shaving was curled. The building material used was timber, and the office which is closely related to the garden as well as the kitchen, also has two skylights from which it gets its natural daylight.

Situated in the backyard of a terraced house built in the 1950s in St John’s Wood, northwest London, the Shoffice was designed by Platform 5 Architects. They collaborated with both contractor and structural engineer to construct the office and garden which has space both for storage and work. The office is shaped like a wooden wave with sculptural work flowing into the garden as was inspired by the curl of shaved wood.

Timber was the material used to build the elliptical outer-covering and it forms a little deck space on the front, before curving upwards and over the garden and office. Enclosing the office is the glazing and it also features a cantilever desk built into the structure together with the oak accents and storage space. The curving of the outer shell also provides the space for garden storage. With one closed and the other open, the two skylights provide the daylight for the office. Although there are additional artificial lights for night work, these are not needed in the daytime.

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