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Atlantic City Convention Center Installed 2.4 MW Solar Powered Rooftop


trina-solarWhen we speak of Atlantic City New Jersey, we speak about gambling, roulette wheels, cards and boardwalks. The energy need was never considered a problem till lately when costs reduction seem to interest everybody.

How can we reduce costs for energy? Simple: use everything that mother nature can provide.

Atlantic City easily became green by installing the largest single roof-mounted solar array over the Atlantic City Convention Center.

13,400 modules, manufactured by the Chinese company Trina Solar, provide 2,4 MW at peak capacity, equivalent to the needs of 280 American houses. The energy generated will reduce the building’s electricity bills with 25% and in it’s lifetime of 20 years the solar panels will save about $4.4 million.

Even if they have installed the 2,4 MW solar rooftop, Atlantic City Convention Center still needs more than 7 MW of energy obtained by conventional methods.

After business failure in Europe, Trina Solar is interested to get more and more involved in the US market.

Chief executive of Trina Solar, Jifan Gao declared: “The success of this project demonstrates our capacity to deliver large-scale commercial solar solutions to market, as we continue to broaden our distribution networks and project partnership agreements in the US”.

We will see more of Trina Solar in the next year, that’s for sure.

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