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Gas Hydrates ("Burning Ice") Offer Clean Heating Solution


gas-hydrates_qkp2k_69Solar and wind energy are two very important sources of energy that could save us when conventional fossil fuels are finished. In comparison with fossil fuels both of these sources are dependent on the climatic conditions of the place they are used in. This is the reason why researchers, designers and scientists are trying to find and develop cleaner materials that can also be used to generate electricity.

U.S. scientists have found, by digging deep underground, a source that can be used to generate energy. This source of energy is known as “ice that burns” or gas hydrates. There is enough material underground to heat 100 million homes for a decade. With this amazing source of energy (the gas hydrates) researchers could develop systems that can provide green and cheap energy for all.

This “burning ice” leaves a comparatively smaller carbon footprint, being much cleaner than fossil fuels. The gas hydrates are formed when methane gas from decomposing organic material reacts with water at a high pressure and low temperature.

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  1. I am concerned about the lack of fact checking of your text.
    Firstly there are many grammatical errors which are mainly just annoying, but show a lack of care and a lack of ‘trustworthiness’ – making me less than confident in what I read.
    Then I spot “This “burning ice” leaves a comparatively smaller carbon footprint, being much more cleaner than fossil fuels.”
    comparatively smaller – (a tautology by the way – the comparatively is unnecessary) – smaller than what? It can’t be smaller than fossil fuel because gas hydrate IS a fossil fuel. As vegetable matter decomposes to produce methane, some is dissolved in water. At high pressure and low temperatures hydrates form, but the carbon that is trapped is carbon that was taken up as plant life in the past – much of it during the Carboniferous period.
    And just at present, we do not need another source of energy, clean or otherwise. We need to find ways to reduce our need of energy. Almost all the energy we use, whether it comes from oil, gas, solar or nuclear, eventually ends up as heat, and have already reached the point where heat is being trapped/converted/created here on earth faster than it can radiate into space. This is why our planet is warming.
    Don’t look for new ways to produce cheap enrgy, instead look for ways to use energy more efficiently, with less waste heat being produced at all.

  2. Amazing. Is there enough work on exploration of gas hydrates ?

    This will really help to resolve energy crisies to great extent.

    Ravi Soparkar, Pune India

  3. AAARRRGGGHHHH. Someone took their STUPID pills this morning. Yes “gas hydrates” are an energy source but it’s primaily methane, a carbon based fuel. More CO2, more global warming. Calling something like this clean and green is just plain stupid. When will somebody GET IT?


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