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Kia Offers Start-Stop Hybridization System for Free


kia-cee-d-hybridNowadays, vehicles manufacturers need to improve their standards to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Reducing pollution is not anymore a question, it’s a must!

So the car manufacturers have no other chance but to produce ECO cars. The problem they face is that the buyer doesn’t generally want to pay extra cash for cars that pollute less. Besides this, everyone hopes that the ECO cars will have the same performances as the non ECO ones. That’s kind of hard to realize!

Some governments came to help the vehicle manufacturers in this activity by reducing taxes for hybrid or electric cars. For example, in Romania, hybrid models don’t have to pay any kind of pollution taxes to the government.

That is why cars manufacturers such as Kia are able to provide ECO cars. They have implemented to the cee’d a Stop and Go system which is provided free of charge for a limited period of time. The model is called cee’d ISG. The buyer can get the version without ISG(Idle Stop & Go) at the same price as the version with ISG. So why not get the ISG instead?

ISG stops automatically the engine when the car stays for a longer period of time without moving in traffic. An electronic module decides if the motor will stop or not depending on the stoppage time and the battery charge. To restart the engine the driver has to push the clutch pedal. The electromotor is modified so it will not brake down from the multiple start-stop activity and the alternator has a higher power and can charge faster the battery. Besides this the drives has as well a button from which the ISG system can be stopped anytime. When the battery comes to 75% of its capacity the ISG system is shut down automatically. As well if the battery capacity is lower than the minimum required for the next start of the engine the ISG system will be shut down.

Cee’d ISG system comes only with the gas 1,4l engine of 109 HP and with the gas 1,6l engine with 122 HP. After the middle of this year Kia will provide as well the ISG system for the turbo-diesel 1,6l engine.

Besides the fact that CO2 emissions decrease with 8g/km on the 1,4l engine and with 9g/km on the 1.6l engine, the system reduces mixed fuel consumption with 6% and the city fuel consumption with 15%.

How does your government sustain ECO car industry?

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