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Audi Sportback G-Tron Multifuel Vehicle is Flexible and Carbon-Free, Almost

Audi Sportback G-Tron Shown at the Geneva Motor Show
Audi Sportback G-Tron Shown at the Geneva Motor Show

Flexibility is what makes the petroleum-powered vehicle so desirable and the Audi Sportback G-Tron multifuel vehicle could be the most flexible alternative-fuel vehicle to be revealed yet, and is carbon-free, almost.

Some alternative fuel vehicles like the Tesla Model S electric vehicle and the Toyota FCHV hydrogen fuel cell vehicle aren’t flexible at all, requiring long recharge times or very specific special fuel in order to achieve zero carbon emissions.

On the other hand, flex-fuel vehicles like the Ford Focus FFV and Dodge Dart can run on ethanol blends up to 85%, can fill up at any gas station anywhere, and can reduce carbon emissions significantly.

The Audi Sportback G-Tron is a multifuel vehicle that, depending on which fuel you use and how far you drive, can be carbon-free. The two different fuel systems blend flawlessly to feed a single 1.4ℓ turbocharged i4.

The primary system runs on Audi’s e-gas, a synthetic gaseous fuel that is very close to natural gas, or compressed natural gas CNG. When filled with e-gas, the car is basically carbon-neutral, emitting the same carbon that went into synthesizing e-gas in the first place. The tanks can also be filled with regular CNG, which emits a little less carbon than other petroleum fuels. When the pressure runs down in the pressurized tanks, the fuel system automatically switches over to the gasoline tank.

This flexibility could make the Audi Sportback G-Tron very attractive to both drivers and the environmentally conscious. The range on 14lb gas is just shy of 250 miles, which on e-gas would be carbon-free. Since Audi e-gas and CNG stations are expected to be fairly prevalent, drivers can expect to spend more of their driving carbon-free.

After switching to gasoline, the range extends to over 800 miles, but of course this has the same carbon emissions as a regular gasoline-powered vehicle. The concept was revealed today at the Geneva Motor Show.

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