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Toyota i-Road Concept: Short Range Electric Tricycle

Toyota i-Road Concept Shown at the Geneva Motor Show
Toyota i-Road Concept Shown at the Geneva Motor Show

While motorcycles may appeal to the spirit of freedom or the fuel conscious, there will always be those who can’t get over the fact there’s only two wheels, so check out the Toyota i-Road concept, an electric three-wheeler.

Maybe we’re getting tired of i-things, but the i-Road is a little different, and at least it doesn’t feature an half-eaten apple logo. The Toyota i-Road is an electric tricycle, or enclosed three-wheel motorcycle, with a twist, it’s an electric vehicle.

Motorcycles could appeal to city drivers because you can park them almost anywhere, they’re very maneuverable, and they are very fuel efficient for getting one person from place to place. What might not appeal is the exposure to the elements and the fact there are only two wheels, which in stop-and-go traffic could be a tipping concern.

The Toyota i-Road concept is completely enclosed, keeping you free of rain, bugs, and birds, and is also mounted on three wheels. The i-Road still leans into turns like a two-wheeler, though, thanks to the actuators that adjust front suspension height offsets for speed and turn radius.

Mention the fact that its top speed is just shy of 30mph, and some might balk, but think about it, as a city vehicle, the Toyota i-Road concept doesn’t need to go faster than 30mph. It’s got electric vehicle torque to get it up to speed quickly, which makes it perfect for stop-and-go traffic in the city, which averages less than 10mph in heavy traffic anyways. The 30-mile range on this electric tricycle is perfect for the city as well, requiring minimal time to recharge and probably running for days between charges.

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