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Top 5 Alternative Electric Vehicles for 2016


green-ride-inu-electric-scooter-02570.0-700x467Do you want to go electric in 2016, but you are not entirely convinced an electric car is the right choice for you?

Take a look at this compilation of the most promising, cool and green alternative transport means.

walkcar@2x-700x393 1.The WalkCar

WalkCar is one of those highly portable and convenient means of fast electric transportation, which gives you the option to hop on and off it at any point during your journey. Because it is small and light, it fits in an average laptop bag, and therefore does not require all the hassle that comes with e-bikes or e-scooters.

According to the Japanese makers, Cocoa Motors, WalkCar will hit the market this coming spring.

rollkers-5-970x646-c-700x466 2.Rollkers

Still staying away from the large electric two/four-wheelers, here is one for the skating lovers. Rollkers look like regular roller skates, but come with a little electric motor. It gives the sensation that you are on an airport travelator, it is faster than walking, and it does not make you sweaty by the time you reach work.

The makers expect to release the e-skates to the market very soon. If we are lucky, we might see them before the end of 2016.

83711501_gogoro-family-shot 3.Gogoro scooter

Year 2015 will be remembered for the number of incredible technological advances in the field of electric scooters. Gogoro is right up there on the chart, not only because of the great idea behind it, but also because of the huge scale and fast execution of the project.

Gogoro uses batteries, which can be swapped once they run out of juice, meaning that you no longer have to wait for charging, ever. The scooter comes with an entire infrastructure of battery swapping stations, which are popping up at numerous locations.

Gogoro is already available in Taiwan and currently expanding into Europe.

green-ride-inu-electric-scooter-02570.0-700x467 4.INU scooter

Another one of the great e-scooters of 2015 is Inu, the self-folding electric scooter. It looks incredible, it can be ridden without any additional permits, and it can be folded it a matter of seconds.

The makers are promising market release mid-2016. Definitely one to keep an eye for, especially if you are a daily commuter.

flike-700x393 5.Flike

Now, this is one for all of you, who are boycotting the ground and reaching for the sky. Flike is a flying bike (or tricopter), which promises up to 40 minutes long cruise flight on a single charge. This particular model was a prototype, but because of the huge interest that it attracted, the makers are already working on the second version. This one is going to have the capabilities of the model that they plan to release to the market.

Images (c) Cocoa Motors, Inu, Flike, Gogoro, Getty

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