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Inu – Next Generation Self-Folding Electric Scooter


green-ride-inu-electric-scooter-02570.0Inu is a next generation self-folding electric scooter, which promises to take green commuting to another level.

Joining the family of cool, compact, clean and convenient means of transportation, here is the new Inu self-folding electric scooter from the Israel-based Green Ride company. With such incredible competition around, i.e. Gogoro and Electric Honda Ruckus, the guys had to really push hard, and wow, they definitely did!

To start with, Inu has this incredible look, which makes it stand out in the crowd and get all heads turned around and following. This electric scooter is very attractive, and looks a bit like something taken from a Sci-Fi movie. This unique design came after thorough research, conducted on a large sample of commuters. Using Facebook, the guys at Green Ride analysed the behavior, needs, likes and dislikes of this specific group and incorporated them into this special flashy but beautiful electric two-wheeler.

But that is not all. It is full of different gadgets that make it super fun to ride- some of these include a display that fills the handlebar, lights on the wheels, super comfortable leather seat. And above all, it is not only folding (like some of the others) it is self-folding, a.k.a. it does it all on its own, thanks to inbuilt motors.

Inu works as a standard electric vehicle, equipped with regular batteries. It has quite an impressive range of 40km (25-miles) and can be fully charged in three hours. This is achieved thanks to special hydraulic disc breaks on the front and regenerative braking system on the back.

Now, it has a top speed of 15 km/h, which some might consider as a slight drawback, however it means that it can be ridden by anyone and does not require special license or permits. According to the guys from Green Ride, this speed is limited on purpose, and it can be changed in compliance with the regulations in specific countries.

Inu is still a prototype, however the makers promise availability some time in 2016. It will come at a somewhat steep price of $4000, but it seems once you see it and get on it, you realize it is worth every cent (they say).

Image (c) Inu/Green Ride

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