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Whisky Powered Cars -The Drink Of The Future?


Whisky CR CarResearchers at Edinburgh Napier University realized the byproduct of whisky in 2010. The breakthrough in research opened the door for others to continue the research – just like Celtic Renewables, a company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Professor Martin Tangney and his team paved the way for the global interest in this product.

Europe has set a goal, the Renewable Energy Directive to be fully functional by the year 2020, which means investigating new ways to deal with the fossil fuel crisis. Since whisky accounts for only 10% of what comes from a distillery, it seems only right to find uses for the other products. Those byproducts are Pot Ale, which is the liquid that remains after distillation, and Draff. The two can quickly add up in a year, with millions of liters of Pot Ale and over 500,000 tons of Draff.

Utilizing ABE fermentation, also known as the Weizmann fermentation process, CR is able to dispose of the messy by-product created by the whisky making process. CR has produced its first samples of biobutanol from waste in February this year.

Martin Tangney said, “We are committed to developing a new industry right here in the UK that will be worth more than £100m-a-year and it starts here. Our next step is to open a demonstration facility and we are targeting a location in or near Grangemouth which is an area that’s strategically right for us.” The next logical step is to bring the idea to people to help with awareness.

£25 million Government investments overall have been made to the study of biofuels, throughout several agencies, including Nova Pangea and Advanced Plasma Products – two companies that are working very hard toward bringing the world to a sustainable and fossil free future. “Advanced Biofuels have the potential to save at least 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions from the equivalent fossil fuel,” said UK Transport Minister, Andrew Jones.

The world is looking for new and inventive ways to cut fossil fuels, to keep the earth green and to save the world. It only takes one step at a time, and it may honestly only take one shot at a time. ‘Here’s to the whisky!’

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