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Model X Orders Being Taken By Tesla Soon


Tesla XThere are several names synonymous with luxury and performance in the automobile industry. Tesla is one of those names.

The last model to be introduced to the public was the Roadster, in 2010. Tesla has recently announced that they will release the Model III in 2016, though production would not start until 2017.

The newest member of the Tesla family to be introduced is the Model X: an electric sport utility vehicle that will take luxury and sportiness to a whole new level. The second electric vehicle to be introduced by the Tesla line, this model will start at about $85,000.

The Model X can carry 7 passengers and with 3 models, there are several ranges to choose from. The P90D signature has 250 miles range, the P90D Founder, which will be released mid 2016 will have a 257 mile range. The last model, the 70D will still have a 220 mile range.

The upward opening “falcon wing” doors and sophisticated cabin that is absolutely full of gadgets. “I think we got a little carried away,” says Elon Musk, the company’s founder. “I am not sure anyone should make this car,” Musk said. “There are far more things there than is needed to sell it.” Tesla has jokingly named the car, “Elon’s headache”. But, the test case from the designers is the catch for the consumer.

With roughly 30,000 orders placed already for this vehicle, the wait is currently 9 to 12 months. At the massive, Musk-fashion party, held at the Tesla headquarters in Fremont, California, the company revealed that each model will have all wheel drive, initially and the battery packs will decrease in size at a later date. The two versions that are offered to begin with will be the P90D at $132,000 and of course the best version of all, the P90D Founder. This vehicle comes equipped with Ludicrous mode, for those Space Balls fans out there.

One can only hope that driving this vehicle will be just as much fun for us – preferably without the crushed helmet or zoo animals.

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