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EV4, Innovative Electric Quad Bike


ev4-tilting-electric-scooter-4Tired of being stuck behind the wheel in a tedious urban traffic jam, but missing the stability of four wheels in clean electric bike drives? Wait no more, EV4 is just what you need.

EV4 quad e-bike is the result of the incredible efforts of a young and talented Polish inventor and CEO of the firm Aero-Service, Jacek Skopinski. Driven by his ever-so-growing intolerance to city driving and traffic jams, he developed the impressive mode of fast, clean and efficient urban transport.

EV4 is a four-wheeled e-bike, which is faster and more stable than a bicycle, but it still fits on bike lanes. It is cheap to run and maintain, and it is made of durable aeronautical aluminum alloy, which makes it very low in weight. Actually, in many aspects, the design resembles or it is just like that of an airplane.

The four wheels stand firmly on the ground thanks to a specifically designed suspension system, comprised of shock absorbers with adjustable aluminum wishbones that change the shape in accordance with the terrain.

EV4 is powered by a 36 V Li-ion battery pack, and it is equipped with two 500 W electric motors. The battery pack comes in two types – 20 Ah and 40 Ah. The former can power the bike for 30-50 km (18-31 miles), while the latter almost doubles this. The top speed is 40km/h (25mph).

Now, let’s talk about size because it really does matter. The EV4 weighs 41kg without the battery pack, which weighs another 6 or 12 kg depending on the type). It is 150cm long and only 60 cm wide, and it is equipped with a height-adjustable seat.

A few additional cool features upgrade this e-drive from great to brilliant. There is the LCD display, which shows all specifications, speed and remaining charge. But what makes it super fun to ride is the fact that it can still lean into corners, just like its two-wheeled ancestors, only that this one is much more stable.

Last but not least, the price. EV4, comes at the “modest” price of $7,000 USD.

Here is a small demo video. Enjoy!

Image (c) Aero Service

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