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Electric Bicycles, a Clean Solution to Decrease Urban Traffic Congestion


Enorm_ebike_v3_bulletA new trend in using electric bicycles is now increasingly noticeable in  many cities in North America and Western Europe, providing renewable energy solutions to cope with traffic congestion.

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are now acknowledged as a desired solution to ecological and economic problems. Many people now recognize the importance of lithium-ion over lead-acid batteries and are willingly making the responsible choices.

Of course, concerns for road safety cannot be neglected. Urban planners are urged to apply changes in city transportation systems, including the construction of bike lanes, equipped with the appropriate lighting.

A report by Navigant Research, previously known as Pike Research, was  released earlier this week. It looks at potential trends and provides forecasts about the future use of e-bikes in urban environments.

The report is based on analysis of the supply-side industry, end-user characteristics, demands and technological trends. It covers profiles of e-bike manufacturers and market players, and it provides valuable information for anyone, who would be interested in the industry.


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